What is Software Quality Assurance SQA?

What is Software Quality Assurance SQA?

For that, Organization should have processes and standards to be followed which need to be improved on a periodic basis. It concentrates mainly on the quality of product/service that we are providing to the customers during or after implementation of software. The Capability Maturity Model Integrated is a process improvement approach developed specially for software process improvement.

The inspection is based on established rules, checklists, and entry and exit criteria. Documentation includes audit results, change requests, test results, and review reports. FTR’s evaluate the design and quality of the product’s prototype.

Measurement of software quality factors[edit | edit source]

If not, then it might not be good quality from a functional completeness point of view. So, while non-functional requirements may have their own characteristics and sub-characteristics, they can spur your thoughts what is software quality on functional requirements as well. Maintainability includes concepts of modularity, understandability, changeability, testability, reusability, and transferability from one development team to another.

definition of software quality

Many software development companies have already implemented agile practices and DevOps methodologies but not all have done so effectively. Quality engineers can help teams identify issues in their adoption of these practices and can help optimize integration. As adoption of these practices improves, so should the quality of products and a company’s ROI.

The Levels of Software Testing

GSC 11Installation easeHow difficult is conversion and installation? GSC 12Operational easeHow effective and/or automated are start-up, back-up, and recovery procedures? GSC 13Multiple sitesWas the application specifically designed, developed, and supported to be installed at multiple sites for multiple organizations? GSC 14Facilitate changeWas the application specifically designed, developed, and supported to facilitate change?

definition of software quality

Below, we have listed the key differences between quality assurance and quality control in software development. We have divided this section into parts based on the approaches https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ to software quality assurance. Software quality assurance is a methodology to ensure that the quality of the software product complies with a predetermined set of standards.

Quality Assurance Functions:

These organizations provide updated international standards to the quality of professional and managerial activities performed in software development and maintenance organizations. For allocating the appropriate resources to the project, we need to predict the effort, time, and cost for developing the project. The measurement for prediction always requires a mathematical model that relates the attributes to be predicted to some other attribute that we can measure now.

  • This activity is the first and the most critical activity of SQA.
  • This section on software quality metrics would be obsolete and incomplete if we do not look at some very important metrics in agile.
  • At the same time, 43,4 percent of the respondents name test automation the top challenge in Agile projects.
  • This tendency signals the need to streamline testing all across the industry.
  • It might be that Portability can be excluded or minimized depending on needs.

Thus, the importance of software quality assurance cannot be underestimated. Conducting a thorough SQA is a vital step for launching a successful software product. And thus, this third principle talks about the importance of collaboration and communication between the involved parties to ensure a smooth software development process. When development leaves ample room for testing, it improves software reliability and high-quality applications are delivered with few errors.


While management reviews focus on checking progress alongside confirming plans and schedules, technical reviews are conducted solely to assess the software product’s suitability for its intended use. It is usually a multilayer, complex system, incorporating dozens of separate functional components and third-party integrations. Therefore, efficient software testing should go far beyond just finding errors in the source code.

definition of software quality

Static code analysis evaluates source code according to predefined standards. Engineers implement automated tools to perform static code analysis. Frequently, these tools can be integrated into integrated development environments . These tools can then highlight quality issues for developers in real-time, promoting the adoption of higher-quality practices. Few can argue against the need for quality control when developing software. Late delivery or software defects can damage a brand’s reputation — leading to frustrated and lost customers.

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Similarly, in case of software measurement, the checklist of the statement to be included in the lines of code to be specified. This assures that the project commitments have been clearly defined considering the resources required, the schedule and budget; and the development and quality plans have been correctly determined. Product development − In this phase, the designers and Quality Assurance staff checks and tests the product prototype to detect its defects. Software Functional Quality − It reflects how well it satisfies a given design, based on the functional requirements or specifications.

definition of software quality

It is fundamentally essential for many reasons, the key among which are ensuring superior-quality software products and reducing costs. We discuss the significance of quality assurance in software development in detail below. The measurement of critical application characteristics involves measuring structural attributes of the application’s architecture, coding, and in-line documentation, as displayed in the picture above. The layered approach to calculating characteristic measures displayed in the figure above was first proposed by Boehm and his colleagues at TRW and is the approach taken in the ISO 9126 and series standards.

Validating the Prediction Systems

LambdaTest offers numerous features that let you create scalable, high-quality software applications. Software that has been extensively tested is less prone to security risks. The organizational activities entirely rely on the software application it uses. Software testing is verifying your software applications’ quality and whether they function as intended before going live. According to CrossTalk, the Journal of Defense Software Engineering, fixing a bug in production might take up to 150 times longer than fixing the same bug during the design phase.

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